Who we are and what we do!

We are swedes that are passionate about fitting ski boots, that's for sure. We also know for sure that bootfitters around the world are in constant search for new better tools to help them make higher quality jobs and be even more efficient so that their customers will get their modified ski boots back quicker. Time is valuable!
Hey it's all about helping skiers getting quality days on snow - right?
We've been working in the alpine skiing industry as professional bootfitters for 10+ years. In all those years we saw the lack of a really good bootfitting tool. I mean a really really good, smart, simple and efficient tool.
And what about all those hours you have to put in the workshop to finish up the boots after the shop has closed. I'm pretty sure you want to minimize those!
Do you really want your employees to spend a lot of hours standing hidden in the workshop during the day when you have customers all around eager to buy the new cool super duper powder ski?
So we wanted to make a change and invented a completely new type of bootfitting tool that we ourselves wanted to use in our daily business. So please welcome The Bootfitter!


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