About Bootfitting

We are going to adress the art of bootfitting a bit more. Let's be honest. It's not going to be the complete bible of bootfitting wizardry and we are not claiming to know exactly every bit of those dark art corners in the bootfitting room. We think that we know some though and we can call this a small introduction to be able to think more like a professional bootfitter.

First of all it's really strange to spend money to be able to put your feet into plastic shoes and fasten them on planks and get up and down on a snowy hill over and over again. Why do you do that? Pure joy and excitement of course! In some cases people will even pay you for doing just that.

But what does all of this philosophical stuff has to do with bootfitting? In most of the cases it will have to do with "ouch". So if you take your "joy and excitement" and add that "ouch" I'm pretty sure that you will end up with shorter periods of joy or if you come across a bigger "OUCH" you might even stop what's called skiing (god forbid).

* Ouch = Ski boots that will give your feet pain.

Luckily for the majority in the group of 130 million skiers worldwide there are a couple of ouch-fighters out there that will do everything they possibly can to remove the "ouch" for you. That's bootfitting simplyfied!

Why is bootfitting important? I mean every boot manufacturer works super hard to produce improved models and better fitting boots every year? Read very careful now. Every foot out there (260 million feet on skiers) is unique. No manufacturer can produce a ski boot that will fit all the unique feet and it also means that we need our beloved ouch-fighters in the future. It also means that you can find a good ski boot out of the box and get a perfected fit without a single "ouch" by a professional bootfitter. That equals PURE JOY AND EXCITEMENT . Thank you!

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