The Bootfitter™

We are very proud to be able to say that The Bootfitter is the winner in the category "Rookie of the year 2018" in Sportfacks annual event "Gear Of The Year" in Sweden. That's incredible and also a really good confirmation that The Bootfitter tool is a unique concept that will be useful for all of the bootfitters out there!

*The Bootfitter is a trademark design that is design protected EU/EC and is pat.pending.  

The Bootfitter is a very versatile bootfitting tool with a simple and easy to use internal heating system. No more need for strange heating pads etc.
To be more efficient than ever and redistribute workshop hours we did a smart (design protected & pat. pending) system that allows you to simultaneously work on 4 boots on one tool.
The tool is perfect for all types of hard boots

Today you will need two separate tools to work at one pair of boots at the same time but with The Bootfitter system you will only need one tool to do two pairs at the same time. We think that's really cool!

The Bootfitter is built around a modular system with a center tube and different changeable arms that allows you to customize your tool to your specific needs.

The special heating system is also modular and the heat shapes are easily placed inside the boot where needed to make the modification. As a bonus you will get minimal spreading of heat.

The Bootfitter is perfect when you are going to work on boots with sensitive plastics, carbon fibre or many layers of different materials. It's easier than ever because you are now in charge with exact temperature control!

Tech on a ski team - going for a camp in the preseason? Just unmount The Bootfitter and stove it in your transporter. Want a minimal setup? Just pick the parts you want. Remember it's modular!

Do you have a small business? Start with the basic kit and add up on more parts later on when you grow. It's modular.

We think that the basic kit will be a very competitive solution for most of you out there! 

Some examples of boots you could work on in addition to alpine ski boots!

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